We have a dedicated team to manage the environment efficiently and establish the necessary infrastructure that fosters community and economic development:
  • Conduct a drive for clean environment awareness.
  • Beautification and green landscaping of areas around the factory.
  • Zero effluent discharge and efforts to minimize the depletion of natural resources.
  • Pollution control equipment is installed.


We consider the local community as a resource for our business. CODSO is committed to using resources to promote partnership and programs that provide better access to health-care facilities for employees, and their families.
We have:
  • Installed water coolers in local hospitals and public schools.
  • Conducted hygiene awareness and treatment programs.
  • Provided free medical camps regularly.


We recognize that education is important for the empowerment of employees, and community and long-term prosperity of the nation:
  • Chatravridi - A step to bring education closer for the benefit of the employees' children.
  • A Library has been set up in the factory for the employees and their children.


We are dedicated to making health and safety an integral part of our business at every level of the organization; in all phase of our processes and its associated employees.
  • Personal protective safety equipment available with pollution-free checks.
  • We reward our employees for promoting interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts.
  • Plant safety audit, safety awareness training & mock drills.
  • Provision for 24/7 free ambulance service for basic health care needs as well as emergency facilities.
  • Appropriate PPE. Ear muff, ear plug, safety goggles, face shield, dust mask, arm sleeves, and apron.